Family tradition of farming & processing in California

Our History

Capay Canyon Ranch is a family owned and operated grower, sheller and processor of almonds located on 210 acres in Esparto, California. We have been growing almonds since 1972 and are poised to celebrate our 43rd almond harvest this September. In 1978 we added a handling facility and started our own brand. Since then we have expanded our handling capabilities, offering unparalleled quality and timely service to our buyers by drawing on an inventory of superior almonds harvested by a dedicated group of growers.

Today, we process almonds year-round, delivering both natural kernel and in-shell products to a diverse set of clients. Our agricultural know-how, processing expertise and broad based marketing network allows us to offer California almonds of the highest quality to a worldwide market.

California is the source for over 80% of the world’s almonds. Six thousand growers cultivate more than 750,000 acres (303,500 hectares) of almond orchards throughout the central part of the state with the intent to provide a consistent high-quality product to buyers globally. Capay Canyon Ranch is proud to be among the oldest and most esteemed handlers in this industry.